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Here to fight for the best possible outcome

Every criminal case is different, which is why it’s important that you choose a lawyer who has the experience to build the legal plan that’s right for you and the tenacity to fight for your best outcome, no matter the charges you’re facing. Tom has an incredible track record of success, especially when it comes to obtaining “not guilty” verdicts in jury trials.

Few things in life are as scary as facing a criminal charge. I fight for my clients’ freedom like I mean it because, frankly, I do mean it.

An aggressive attorney who knows how to get results

If you’re scouting criminal defense lawyers, chances are you’re in unfamiliar territory. No matter how lost, frustrated, or afraid you’re feeling, though, you can rest assured that Tom Cox knows his stuff. You see, Tom has dedicated his entire career specifically to criminal defense work, which means that he knows the criminal justice system, he knows how to defend his clients, and he knows how to get results.

Whether your case can be resolved outside the courtroom or needs to go to trial, Tom will not back down. Why? Because he knows that there are two sides to every story, and you have the right to tell yours. For his part, he will use every tool and resource available to make sure your voice is heard.

Our #1 Priority: Results

Thomas R. Cox, III

Criminal Defense Attorney

Ask Tom why he excels as a criminal defense attorney and he’ll tell you that he was born to argue. Ask him why he does what he does and he’ll tell you that it’s quite simple: people deserve to have someone in their corner protecting their freedom during the scariest moments of their lives.

We Post Bonds For Our Clients

We're Your One-Stop Shop For Paying Bail & Getting High-Quality Legal Representation

In the world of criminal law, it’s rare to find a bail bonds service and legal representation all in one place. At the Law Offices of Thomas R Cox, not only can you take advantage of both services, but you can save money by doing so. We frequently offer discounted rates for our legal services when you choose us to post your bail bond.

We choose to offer this additional service because we know that you already have enough to deal with right now. Working with one firm is simpler than having to find a bail bondsman as well as a law firm. Why not make it simple? We can post your bond, represent you through your criminal case, and lump everything together into one simple payment plan.

You may have more options than you realize

Let Tom Cox Fight For You

Defending the People of Dallas County on Serious Criminal Cases

Whether you live in Dallas, Irving, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, University Park, or another nearby city, our priority remains the same — providing you with the best possible result.

It doesn’t matter whether you were accused of theft, assault, or murder. You should have a great criminal defense attorney in your corner — one who knows from experience how to fight for your best possible outcome. The American justice system is rooted in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” No matter what charges are being thrown at you, we stand by that right.

Throughout his career, attorney Tom Cox has successfully defended clients accused of drug possession, weapons violations, sex offenses, domestic violence, white collar crimes (such as theft, fraud, credit card abuse, and forgery), and more. Let him put that knowledge on your side.

Don't Wait. Get Help Now.  If you have been arrested, accused of a crime, or are facing criminal charges, you already know that there is a lot at stake for you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial that you get an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible.

You’ve got a tough decision to make about protecting your future — that is, choosing the right criminal defense attorney. If you’re facing a charge in Dallas County, know that Tom handles both felonies and misdemeanors and is committed to protecting your rights throughout the legal process. He sees beneath the surface of your charges and looks to the essence of what every criminal defense case is really all about: protecting your freedom.