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The rate of sexual assault and rape in Texas continues to remain at alarmingly high levels. According to FBI crime statistics, Texas ranks as the 15th most dangerous state for rape and sexual assault, with a rate of 55.2 rapes and sexual assaults per 100,000 people. If you have been accused of a sex-related crime, it is imperative that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to defend your charges.

For over 30 years, The Law Office of Thomas R. Cox has been working with individuals accused of a variety of different crimes, including sexual assault, rape, and other sex crimes. Tom Cox has spent decades working with individuals facing these crimes because he understands that not everyone is guilty. Whether you have been falsely accused or you have simply made a mistake that you don’t want to define the rest of your life, attorney Tom Cox has the knowledge and experience you need to pursue the best possible outcome for your case. 

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Sex-Related Crimes in Texas

In the State of Texas, there are a number of different sexual violence crimes that come with varying degrees of severity and potential punishment. These crimes include:

Sexual Assault (Rape)

According to Texas law, sexual assault, commonly known as rape, occurs when a defendant — intentionally and knowingly — commits any of a number of prohibited sexual activities listed under Texas' sexual assault law without the victim's consent. The crimes listed under the sexual assault law involve sexual acts such as penetration or contact of sexual organs through the mouth, anus, or another sexual organ.

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Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated sexual assault occurs when one of the following elements is true when the act of assault is committed:

  • The defendant has caused serious bodily injury or attempted to cause the death of the victim
  • The defendant placed the victim in fear of death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping to the victim's self or to another person
  • A deadly weapon was used or exhibited during the crime
  • The defendant acted with another individual in committing the crime
  • The "date rape drug" also known as Rohypnol or Ketamine was used with the intent of making the offense easier to commit
  • The victim is younger than 14 years of age
  • The victim is an elderly or disabled individual

Committing sexual assault against a minor occurs when the victim is under the age of 17. 

Indecency with a Child (Child Abuse)

Indecency with a child occurs when there is sexual contact with someone under 17 years of age, such as touching the genitals, breast, or anus of the child, either above or under the child’s clothing, and this contact was intended to arouse or gratify sexual desires. Exposing body parts to a child can also fall under this law.


Lewdness occurs if there is an act of sexual conduct occurring in any public place.

Indecent Exposure

A person commits this crime if they expose their genitals with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, and they are reckless about whether or not another individual is present who will be offended or alarmed by the act.

Recording or Unlawful Electronic Transmission 

Recording someone engaging in sexual conduct or having their intimate parts exposed without express consent to record or send it out constitutes recording or unlawful electronic transmission. 

What Constitutes Consent?

In Texas, consent can be given by any individual over the age of 17. Proper consent must be mutually understandable permission that has been given voluntarily and is clear, continuous, and given by words or actions.

How an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been charged with a sex crime, an experienced attorney can help you explain your case or situation to the court in a way that improves their understanding of the situation and maximizes your chances of getting your charges reduced or dismissed entirely. A skilled attorney will do everything they can to prove your innocence, protect your rights, and advocate for you at every phase of the legal process to ensure you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to have a dedicated defense attorney in their corner. If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime, don’t face the criminal justice system on your own. Call or reach out to The Law Office of Thomas R. Cox today and put an experienced sex crimes attorney on your side.

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Dallas, Texas

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