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How to Survive Probation 

Law Offices of Thomas R. Cox III Aug. 1, 2022

Probation is a non-prison sentencing option available to defendants who have been convicted of a crime. In Texas, probation may be imposed as part of a defendant's sentence or as an alternative to incarceration. When under probation, you are expected to obey the conditions of your probation. In fact, you may be eligible for early termination of probation if you avoid probation violations and meet the necessary requirements. An experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about how to survive probation and gain back your freedom quickly. 

The Law Offices of Thomas R. Cox III is committed to offering knowledgeable legal counsel and reliable advocacy to clients in probation-related matters. Attorney Tom Cox is available to discuss your unique situation and provide you with some insightful tips to help you get through probation as quickly and peacefully as possible. The firm is proud to serve clients across Dallas, Irving, University Park, Mesquite, Highland Park, and Grand Prairie, Texas. 

Understand Your Probation Conditions 

Probation can be described as a non-prison sentencing option which allows convicted defendants to stay within their community under the supervision of a probation officer. However, probation has several strict rules and terms that the probationer must abide by. Here are some of the most common probation conditions in Texas: 

  • Regular meetings with a probation officer 

  • Payment of probation fees and court costs 

  • Payment of restitution to the victim. 

  • Community service 

  • Mandatory drug or alcohol treatment classes     

  • Travel restrictions 

  • Not committing a crime or getting arrested while on probation 

Unfortunately, violating any of your probation conditions may result in devastating consequences, including possible revocation of your probation. 

Consequences of Violating Conditions 

If the prosecutor or police receive a report of probation violation, they can file a motion to adjudicate or revoke probation in court. Upon filing the motion, the Texas court may issue a warrant for your arrest. You will be held in county jail after your arrest, and a revocation hearing will be scheduled. If the judge decides that probation was violated, there are two main options: 

  • The defendant may be released, but the probation conditions will become much stricter. 

  • Probation is revoked, and the defendant is sent to jail. 

However, you may be able to avoid any action or conduct that violates the terms of your probation by spending your time judiciously.   

How to Spend Your Time 

Here are some insightful tips for spending your time wisely during your probation period: 

Maintain Employment: Probation agreements often require the probationer to find or keep a full-time job. Failure to find or maintain employment while on probation may be considered a probation violation. 

Volunteer: While on probation, you can volunteer by engaging in community service. In fact, volunteering offers you an opportunity to help your immediate community. 

Follow the Law: Also, committing a crime or getting arrested while on probation is a violation of your probation conditions. Thus, you must be a good citizen, follow the law, and obey the rules in your community. 

Avoid Drinking/Drugs: From time to time, your probation officer may perform routine tests to check for drug use and alcohol consumption. Hence, during probation, you must stay away from taking any alcohol and illicit drugs. 

Others: Some other ways to spend your time include: 

  • Gain useful life skills, such as better habits, effective communication, money management skills, and mental health skills. 

  • Be mindful of the people you are associating with. 

  • Be mindful of the places you visit. 

  • Improve your attitude and be the best version of yourself. 

  • Work on emotional or mental growth 

Following the aforementioned tips can help you spend your time sensibly and avoid a probation violation. Eventually, you may become eligible for early termination of probation. 

Qualifying for Early Termination of Probation 

If you're a probationer in Texas, you may be able to qualify for early termination of probation upon completing at least one-third or two years of your probation – depending on whichever is less. In addition, you must meet the following conditions: 

  • You must have exhibited exemplary behavior during your probation. 

  • You have paid all restitution and fines fully. 

  • You have completed all the hours of community service. 

  • You have met all your probation terms. 

An experienced probation attorney can determine your eligibility and help you file a request for early termination of probation. 

Build a Game Plan 

Probation can be intrusive, costly, and place certain restrictions on your movement. Unfortunately, such restrictions can have a significant impact on your liberty, personal and professional life. Thankfully, you may be eligible to have your probation terminated early if you spend your time judiciously and meet the requirements. A skilled criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about your legal options and help you navigate crucial decisions. 

Attorney Tom Cox has devoted his career to providing experienced legal services and guiding clients through the complexities of probation. As your legal counsel, he can enlighten you about the conditions of your probation as well as how to avoid a probation violation. Also, Attorney Tom Cox will outline a detailed probation checklist to help you spend your time wisely and improve your chances of qualifying for early termination. 

Contact the Law Offices of Thomas R. Cox III today to schedule a simple case assessment with a reliable criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Tom Cox can offer you the dedicated advocacy and detailed legal counsel you need to survive probation and achieve early termination. The firm proudly serves clients across Dallas, Irving, University Park, Mesquite, Highland Park, and Grand Prairie, Texas.